Akagera National Park


Akagera National Park is a slight portion of heaven set up in North Eastern Rwanda,  It is conquered by swamps and small lakes with flow of River Akagera. All the water sources work collectively to form a portion of outstanding background. It is relatively a amazing eco-system. The Park was clearly baptized after River Akagera.

The National park has fairly attractive scenery that is all enclosed with cultivated hills, land escapes that are made up of wide plains conquered by savanna grassland, thick and thin forest but it does have the general rocky terrain that is one of the major characteristics in Rwanda.

Akagera National park is an astonishing trip destination in Rwanda. It is suitably near to the capital Kigali which makes access very easy, and so very near to the Tanzania boundary. Attractive and exhilarating Akagera is absolutely a must add on any east Africa safari itinerary. Akagera National Park is found on Rwanda’s border with Tanzania and its more hilly and stands at a low altitude as compared to the common national parks in countries bordering Rwanda. This park is creatively carved with a labyrinth of swamps which flow into River Akagera.

Established in 1934 to preserve wild animals and vegetation, Akagera national park is the prevalent dwindling swamp in Africa. It was entitled after the Akagera River which pours in the eastern borderline.

The park used to shelter over 2,500 sq. km but later 1997, it was condensed in size by almost 50%.   A lot of the land was transferred to refugees for settlement after returning to Rwanda after the civil conflict of the genocide. Earlier in 1997, many refugees coming back to Rwanda had established in the area and the preserved region was injured by poaching and cultivation.

In 2009, Rwanda Development Boards and Africa Parks engaged in a combined management agreement in which the Akagera management company was recognized to help both bodies manage the park. AMC currently is accountable for the day to day management of the park.

 Akagera National park has fairly a range of wildlife and some of them elephants, buffaloes, zebras, hyena, giraffes, and chestnut impala, oribi, bush buck, the Tsessebe, warthogs, black tailed mongoose, cats such as black-masked civet cats, genet cats and other serval cats, bush pigs, cape eland and many more. Lions were lately re-introduced in the park. Beside the shorelines of River Akagera there are plentiful hippos and crocodiles. Distinguished as the big five: lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceroses and leopards. The park has also got a few numbers of primates, olive baboons and vervet monkeys.

The park consists of over 750 bird species. Absolutely the best site for a birding expedition. For the reason that the park has variety of water sources, there are several water birds as well as famous Savannah and forest birds. Some of the birds in the park include: the stunning lilac-breasted roller, raptors, papyrus gonolek, black headed gonolek, heuglin’s robin-chat, grey horn bill, Ross’s Turaco and the crested barbet. The abstract and much sought after shoe bill stork can be found here as well. The park has also Zambian hone birds which include, suaza shrike, arnot, cistola and many more others.

Akagera National Park is a magnificent site for bird watching with a variety of species of closely to 525 bird Species of which 4 are epidemics, plus a great abundance of migrant birds. The solid to find Shoebill Stork may be viewed here as well conjunction with the good-looking Papyrus Gonolek in danger of extinction. 

How to get there.

Akagera National park is situated in the north Eastern region of Rwanda roughly 110 km from Kigali the capital of Rwanda, which is approximately a 2 ½ hour drive. It is attractive park with deluxe green scenery and heaps of wildlife and birds to see.

Most preferred means of transport used to the park is by car. For the most part the road is fairly good. There might be a few rough spots along the way, but that shouldn’t halt you from making the trip. The last 28km of the 110km from Kigali are typically dirt roads, and so are all the roads within the park. 4X4 trip vehicles are suggested particularly if you are itinerant during the rainy season.

Attraction in Akagera national park.

On any expedition, interesting, fascinating and exceptional wonders are a general expectancy. Everyone wants to see something remarkable and out of their everyday scenery. National parks such as Akagera are full such highlights and a good home for such experiences.

Animals, birds, attractively presented scenery, new cultures, are some of the fascinations that make Africa safaris so widespread and unforgettable. Akagera has its reasonable portion of magnetisms that will make you want to keep visiting the park.

 Wild life.

Akagera National park claims of fairly the diversity of wildlife counting some of the big 5. Leopards buffaloes, Lions, and elephants. There are variety of animals such as hyenas, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, cape elands, impalas, wide eyed bush-bays, warthogs, oribi, bush buck, Tsessebe, sittatungas. The park contains more than 100 elephants that spread everywhere within the park.

Whereas Akagera is a main primate home, there are some primate specie sin the park such as the vervet monkey, the olive baboon, the silver monkey, and some blue monkeys. Game drives in the park are quite exciting. There are accomplished and very well-informed guides to lead you on the game drive and provide you with information’s about the various animals you might see.


About 750 bird species establish in the park, makes Akagera National Park a birdwatchers heaven. There is no way you can see all those birds in a sole trip, nice-looking much a new bird to ascertain each day.

The shoe bill stork that many birdwatchers search for can be seen here, plus many different species of water birds.

Other birds in Akagera National Park are; raptors, papyrus gonolek, shoe bill stocks, refugee birds that comes to the park among these includes the Zambian arnot chat, the long tailed cistola suaza shrike lesser kestrel, the great sniper, and other severe birds.

 Forest/nature walks.

The National Park has so many attractive wonders that can be best well-regarded up close. Nature walks give you the chance to grasp things up close. The striking plants, imaginative butterfly species, birds on the lake shores, the smaller animals that you couldn’t see quite well on the game drive. Walking through the forest will give you an opportunity to appreciate the nature at much slower and easier pace.

Game drives.

Game drives in the park are exciting; game drives in the park at night are even more exhilarating. There is always a sense of anonymous about the day and night game drives capture that fairly unrestrainedly.

There are animals in the park that you may not see, although they are quite awake and active hence you may see them.   Such animals include hyenas, leopards, bush babies and civets, might be much easier to see during the night. Some birds are nocturnal too.

Boat trips.

Because of variety of natural resource such as Lakes and a river it is only right that you go on a boat ride on your visit to Akagera National Park. Expect to enjoy a boat ride on Lake Ihema. You will see one of the biggest crowds of Hippos in East Africa, and so many water birds.

Elephants are everywhere within the park, more so along the shorelines off the lake, and this you will give you a wide view of the park as you enjoy the cool breathe of the water while relaxing on the boat.


This is carried on Lake Shakani one of the lakes close to the park. Most of the fish found here are tilapia and the cat fish.as your fishing, you might catch a view or hear the sounds of the hippos close to you, there are also fishing tournament at the park, therefore you can freely join and participate.

This park is all about natural surroundings, every activity and fascinations is so naturally exhilarating good looking and amazing. If you need to be free the hustle and bustle of city life and just relish the peacefulness that nature offers, this is a the trip endpoint for you. It just  2  and half hours’ drive from Kigali so you go back into the city quite easily.

Where to stay, 

Akagera national park has got outstanding and best lodgings that mark your safari a remarkable one. The accommodation are very comfortable and safe for one to rest in it .the accommodations there include,

Ruzizi tented lodge.

The lodge is comprised of 9 tents of which they accommodate 20 individuals per day, each tent is well furnished with a private bathroom 24 power supply and very safe. The place has good management team, with nice restaurants and booking is on normal board basis that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lodge is located in a quiet place with a conducive atmosphere to commune with nature.

The lodge also gives you a chance to explore the less visited parts with in the park apart from the game drive and boat cruise.

Akagera game lodge.

This is the only accommodation inside the national park, however there are other new lodges that have been set up but for a long time, it was the only lodge within the park.

The lodge offers comfortable lodging with modest but discerningly furnished rooms, restaurant, swimming pool, curio bar, tennis court and a few other life comforts. Normal board basis is full board, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is endless power supply, free access to Wi-Fi and television for those who cannot live without communication channels. Come and have the best home away from your home.

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