Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda is done in the volcanoes national park Northern Province in Ruhengeri. The park is known as home to over 360 endangered mountain gorillas. Gorillas can also be found in Bwindi forest in Uganda and Virunga mountain ranges in Democratic republic of Congo. Tracking gorilla in one of the above places tropical rain forests will give you a memorable and life changing experience that you will leave to remember.as cactus safaris and tours we aim at organizing the best different gorilla safaris in all the specified countries above and we make sure that you have your best life time gorilla experience as you move, hike through the deep and slippery ends of the mountains and forest in search of these giant apes. We organize for you gorilla safari starting from 1 day gorilla safari to any number of days and these are ever a available with us throughout the whole year.

Tips for gorilla tracking .

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is one of the best managed conservation project.

Visitors will transfer to the park headquarters in the morning together with your tracking gears packed lunch and enough drinking water, they will have a briefing about gorilla tracking by the park warden, and this is where you will get to know the does and the don’ts while tracking gorillas.

During the briefing, you are allocated a group of gorillas to track, it possible to the group you would wish to track, but this is possible only when if the request was made earlier. For the case of a large group that doesn’t go beyond 8 members, it is very nice to trek only 1 group so that you can easily get back together after the trekking.

After the briefing, you will move to the starting point together with the guide who will lead into the forest to search for these gentle apes. The tracking involves moving for long distances depending on the movement of these apes in their natural world.

Upon spotting them, you are allowed to spend 1 hour with them as you witness them and take pictures. Stand 7 meters away from their presence as watch them from a close range, see how they play, interact and associate with one another, this will give you the best gorilla tracking experience as you have spent time searching them.

Tracking gorillas in the tropical rain forest is a bit tiresome but so exhilarating and trekking time is never stated, it may take one 6 to 8 hours or full day tracking depending on the group you have been assigned to track and the movement of these apes.

Allow us organize for you gorilla tracking as you may have a life time adventure while tracking these giant apes.

What to wear when going for gorilla tracking.

When you’re planning to carry out gorilla tracking in the volcanoes national park, the following are some of the requirements your expected to bring along with .these will help you enjoy the trekking as it involves walking for long distances, hiking, searching and finding in the Virunga mountain ranges .

Before going to the park headquarter ,ensure that you have a small backpack with your drinking water, packed lunch ,cameras, phones and binoculars as they may be used for taking pictures.

Hiking boots that are very strong, waterproof and light to enable you walk for long distances and hike slippery mountains is also another requirement one should have as you come for gorilla tracking. If its possible you can have shoes that have got ankle support.

Have a light sweater/jumper that is also waterproof, and trousers.as the weather condition within the forests are unpredictable.

Put on light woolen long socks that are comfortable enough to avoid scratches from the tropical forest.

Dress up along sleeved shirts or tops and trousers to prevent from insect bites and scratches from the forest.

Carry woolen sweaters for cold evenings and morning since the place is situated in a high altitude.

Pack bush hat with a brim on it in case of too much sunshine, it may help you from the direct heat as it may affect yours skin.

It’s also necessary to move with sun glasses, and sun cream that will help you from direct sun rays and the cream used on your skin to prevent it from being affected by the heat.

Move with insect repellents to guard you from Mosquito bites or any other insect bites.

Carry binoculars as these may help you view from far and have wider view over anything in the forest such as birds and other primates.

Pack extra lenses, reserve batteries and photo cameras. Photography is one of the crucial requirements to carry while going to track gorillas. Ensure that your camera is fully charged as you may need to take as many pictures as you can in the hour that will have to spend with the gorillas.

You can also hire porters who are to carry you backpacks but you have incur an extra cost for these people.

Rules and regulations/guidelines for gorilla tracking.

Rwanda development board established rules and guidelines one should follow while tracking mountain gorillas. They wanted to preserve the well being of the tourists and mountain gorillas. Tourists should obey and observe these guidelines in order to enjoy mountain gorilla tour to the fullest.

Before going for gorilla tracking.

1 .Each gorilla group is assigned to maximum number of 8 people. There are 10 habituated group in the volcanoes national park meaning 80 people track 10 groups of gorillas. This was  done to prevent the risk of human borne disease to the mountain gorillas.

  1. You should always be close in your tourists tracking group to avoid getting lost within the forest.
  2. It is necessary for one to properly be his or her hands before going for gorilla tracking.
  3. Always keep your voices low as it may create destruction among the gorillas or other primates within the forest.
  4. Avoid littering rubbish within the forest, make use of bin baskets provided incase thy are not provide carry the rubbish back to the lodge.
  5. you should follow the guides while trekking and they will alert you to get ready when you are about to reach where the gorillas are.

When you are with the gorillas:

  1. You are supposed to keep 7 meters away from the mountain gorillas. That distances helps to keep the gorillas relaxed and at peace as you keep observing them.
  2. Keep around with your tracking group when you are close to the gorillas.
  3. You should make sure that you voices are low at all times. In case you need to ask a question, get closer to your guide and ask.
  4. You are not allowed tome eat anything or smoke when your near the gorillas. In case you need to eat or smoke you should do it when you at least 200 kilometers away from the gorillas. This should be strictly followed to prevent transmission of disease among these apes.
  5. Do not make unnecessary movements or run in case of anything.
  6. A void looking directly into the eyes of gorilla when you see it’s very close. In case it charges, bend down slowly as you keep a distance away from it.
  7. Do not at any one moment touch the gorilla; remember it’s a wild animal.
  8. Visitors should keep still and make use of body languages, do not keep pointing or staling at them, as this may mean aggression.
  9. You are allowed to spend 1 hour watching gorillas at a close range, unless they get agitated, the guide may decide to leave before 1 hour elapses.
  10. Taking Flash photos is not allowed as it can sadden or scare the gorillas and may provoke an aggressive reaction.

General health rules:

Remember that mountain gorillas are very vulnerable to human diseases. The following rules are ways to minimize the risk of spreading disease.

  1. Sick people or one with carrying a transmittable disease will not be allowed to go for gorilla tracking. Another visit can be arranged for you or your money refunded back.
  2. In case you need to cough or sneeze while you next to the gorillas, your advised to cover your face and turn the head away so that you don’t spread or scare away the gorillas.
  3. If you need to defecate, ask the guide to dig for you a whole that is 30 cm deep and cover is properly after defecating.


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