Gorilla Tracking Rules & Guidelines

Trekking Rules, Tips and General Guidelines

For  those interested in tracking gorillas in Uganda, below are the rules and guidelines one must adhere to  before going, when going and while you’re with the gorillas.

Before going for gorilla tracking.

A maximum number of 8 individuals are allowed to track 1 gorilla group in  aday.this will help to reduce the risk f spreading diseases.

You advised to wash your hands before going for tracking.

Voices should be maintained low.

Do not litter rubbish in the park. Make sure you take the rubbish back to your lodge for proper disposal.

The guide will led you into the forest and they will take you to where they would have seen the gorillas the gay before. From here, follow the gorilla trial as you lookout for gorilla nests.

When you’re near to the gorillas, the guide will inform you to get ready.

When you are with the gorillas:

You are to maintain distance of 7 meters away from the presence of the gorillas, this will help you enjoy gorilla experience because they are always relaxed when you a bit far away from them.

When you are close to the gorillas, keep within your group.

Maintain your vices down all times. But you can ask your guide a question in case you need to.

Do not eat or drink, smoke when your close the gorillas, this might increase the risk of spreading diseases among the gorillas.

In case a gorilla charges follow the guide instruction, do not look at it directly, bend down slowly, do not run or move and you have to wait for it to pass.

Cameras with flashes are not allowed.be careful and slow when taking pictures.

Do not attempt to touch the gorillas because they are wild animals.

You allowed spending 1 hour with the gorillas, but in case they became nervous or agitated, the guide will always ask you to leave.

General health rules and regulations.

Recall that mountain gorillas are very vulnerable to human diseases. The following rules are means to reduce the risk your visit might cause to them:

Ensure you move in a group of 8 visitors when going to track 1 gorilla group.

In case you’re feeling ill, you have flue, cough or any other disease, you will be asked to spend behind and you will be refunded or an alternative visit will arranged for you.

In case you feel the urge to cough or sneeze, you are advised to face down and close your mouth or nose so that you can reduce the transmission of the bacteria.

Stay 7 meters away from the mountain gorillas.

Avoid littering rubbish.

What to bring when going for gorilla tracking.

Carry your back pack which you may use to carry your packed lunch, drinking water binoculars cameras and other few things and make sure it is light to carry.

You should have awaking stick to support you in case you reach places that are slippery.

Have your hiking shoes that are waterproof, durable and light enough to enable you move for long distances.

Put on your light jackets that are water proof, long sleeved shirts and trousers to prevent your skin from scratches.

Pack your sunscreen lotion, bush hat with a brim on it and sun glasses to avoid your skin from being damaged by direct sunlight.

You may also carry put on woolen soakings and woolen hand graves in case you need them.

Do not forget to carry binoculars that may help have a big view, cameras for photograph because it’s also part of making a memorial trip .

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