Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village

Iby iwacu Cultural Village is Situated about 20 minutes’ drive from Musanze district, in Kinigi area, Nyabigoma cell near to  Parc National des Volcans, which is a small village with a factual protest of Rwanda’s rich culture. The name ‘Iby ‘Iwacu’ comes from ‘treasure of our home’ or ‘our heritage’, thus the village displays the real wealth behind the presence of Rwanda as a nation.

Iby ‘Iwacu Cultural Village offers you a unusual chance to encounter local people, in their environment, with a perception of Rwandan culture and traditions. Expect to be honorably welcomed by the community as an exceptional visitor as they humbly present to you aspects of their traditions and beliefs. Be free to be next to them so that you can know more about them, carryout interactions with local people, and involve yourself in the regular events and do most of the things with them, this will help you to learn more about their culture.

Where else but in this small village, will one ever observer the existence of the people who populated in the land of a ‘thousand hills’ from the birth of time. Regardless of Rwanda’s inadequate ethnic multiplicity, the country is made of  3 major ethnic groups (Hutus, Tutsis and Batwa) have merged into nearly one rich and complete culture consisting of numerous norms, values and traditions.
The cultural village was put up with the purpose to ensure conservation and local community needs. Since poverty is the origin cause of poaching in most African endpoints, this would assist in highlighting the importance of tourism to the country together with the local people. It was upon this empathetic that the indigenous community was organized into a cultural village and authorized to begin self-financing scheme and attract the tourism resources by displaying their rich culture which is exceedingly recognized by some foreigners.

The cultural village assisted in naturalizing the ex-poachers who become conscious about the impression of the wildlife they were shooting to the lives of their families and coming cohorts. The village was also to act as a conservation means for the Rwandan culture as most youth were overlooking significance of the cultural values and norms. Formation and the conservation of the cultural village was thought after in order to create a source of income by the long individuals.

After a fanciful and unforgettable gorilla trek in the Parc Des National park, the Iby ’Iwacu cultural village is the best place to visit, relax and you improve your mind. The peacefulness and friendliness of the locals is enthralling as your attendance will be of countless wish to the community members who will share with you and demonstrate the particulars of their historical facts.
The cultural village exhibits a traditional existence of a Rwandan including the dress code, food growing, processing and preparation, traditional rituals and interpersonal affiliation with in the community. A tour to this village will leave you in awe of how Africa and Rwanda in particular is magnificently gifted culture wise.

A guided community walk through this village will encounter you with rare and memorable experience as you tour various places in this community. Touring the king’s house likeness and listening to all the Kings’ stories and connotation of all items within this house adorned with the dramatic ritual of inaugurating you as the king by the village elder, will encounter you nil but a taste and enormous experience of a real African royal for a moment.
You will adore different types of traditional dances implemented by community members such as Intore dance and Ibyivugo using indigenous and outdated harmonious dancing  tools such as Amakondera, Ingoma ,Ikembe, Iningiri,   Umuduri,and   Agakenke  and many more others. Take time to listen to the celebrated songs of the gorillas sang by the eminent Ngayabatema as you relax back and contemplate upon the conservation development of this rare ape in the Virunga.

Do not overlook to see the traditional healer as he displays to you the different plant species and their therapeutic importance to the inhabitants from time ancient. Whereas in his traditional clinic, he will reveal to you the instruction of those medicines and feeling one is at your own risk. You will then have to meet with the elders for historic narratives about the life style of Rwandans, the early kingdom wars, dangers that smashed their community and all you want to receive about Rwanda.

Guests are permitted to take part in the day to day activities of a Rwandan traditional in order to get the actual touch of being a true Rwandan. Activities such as cultivation of crops, millet grinding using local grinding stones, and making local dishes  such as Ubugari and Igikoma while being helped by local women, will definitely give you a feeling that your part of local Rwandans.

Take apart in local beer making process at a local brewery as the ‘local entertainers ‘teaches you the indigenous means of making the local beer out of bananas. Feel free to join and taste when it is set. The Batwa section will expose you to the poaching techniques once used as told by ex-hunters, their ways of life in form of narrations, the ceramic manufacturing experience as well as the art and craft making established by the local women. All these are at your disposal with limitless but guided active partaking as you get absorbed into a real Rwanda cultural experience.
While there, you will be directed on how to conduct yourself such that you merger well with the community so as not to make a negative impact as you interact and exchange cultural experiences with the locals. Be free to share your cultural norms with them as this may bring a perfect understanding of one another and may bring out certain comparison among two cultures. The visiting hours to this village differ accordingly as one may propose for a full day half day or during at night. The visit to this village rewards the cultural fans with a fully acknowledgment of the Rwandan culture

Scattering of garbage, impertinence of the locals and taking something an unlawful from this community, is highly forbidden. Endeavor to respect the full procedures about the code of conduct which will be given to you on your arrival and be sure to have a mind- overwhelming cultural experience of a life time in Rwanda.




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