Lake Kivu Rwanda.

Lake Kivu shelters a total superficial space of 2730 km2 with a volume of 560 km3 and lies at an altitude of 1463 m above the sea level. The lake is a shared resource by two countries that is to say Rwanda in the East and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west.

Lake Kivu is astonishingly good-looking: a massive domestic sea surrounded by the steep, green terraced hills that are so typical of rural Rwanda. Beside its shores lie three option towns, Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu, interlinked by a wild roller-coaster road that flips through lush plantain fields and artifact patches of dark rainforest to offer far-reaching views over the glittering lake.

Lake kivu is found in Gisenyi, a short drive from Ruhengeri near the Parc des Volcans, the lake  set on a sandy beach wrinkled with credible palms and colonial-era hotels that absolutely radiate an atmosphere of tropical stillness. At Kibuye, tourist activities are concentrated around a contemporary lakeshore guesthouse, which superintends pine-covered hills superficially relocated from the Alps. There is also Cyangugu that is next to Nyungwe Forest, where most submissive tourist development is rewarded for by perhaps by the most remarkable location of them all.

Lake Kivu is the major of several lakes which fill the valleys of Rwanda apart from the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo that are close to the gorilla-trekking center of Ruhengeri, are frequently abandoned lakes: profound blue waters encircled by vertical hills and giant waterfalls, with the frameworks of the nearby Virunga Volcanoes providing a remarkable setting, specific as seen from the relaxed Foyer de Charité guesthouse on lake Ruhondo. Further south, there is lake Muhanzi which makes the best 1 day safari with overnight camping available.

Gisenyi and Kibuye are the towns to head for individual relaxations and water sports. Away from the main resorts, however, the lake trails offer worthwhile sights into a more antique Africa, as fisherman ply the water in bunker canoes unaffected in design for many centuries, vibrantly dressed ladies smoke old-style wooden pipes, and musicians play pleasantly on stringed iningire (old-fashioned guitars). The birding nearby the lakes is fanciful: fleets of pelicans, royal capped cranes, jewel-like malachite kingfishers, and much else besides. 

What to do and see on Lake Kivu.

Lake Kivu is one of the perfect homes to ease and wintry out in Rwanda after strenuous activity such as gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, chimpanzee tracking, and hiking up Volcanoes, Biking or Hiking the Congo Trail. Relaxing and Chilling out along the shores of the Lake is the finest way to bring your Rwandan Safari to a unforgettable end.

Lake Kivu is the perfect site to just be instead of doing, the relax, read a book, enjoy the tropical sun, the superb outlooks of the Lake, the Islands, the Mountains, fishing boats, the smell of the water, cool breeze of the waters. Lake Kivu the a beautiful place to relax and chill out in Rwanda – expect to have fun along the shores of Rwanda’s most scenic Lake – Lake Kivu.

Swimming in Lake Kivu.

There are many beautiful lakes in East Africa but they are not as good as Lake Kivu when it comes to refreshing up in the waters. The water body is not only a lake where you can chill out and relax however you can enjoy swimming in the Lake. There are no wild animals such as hippos, crocodiles and no disease such as Bilharzia can be found in the waters hence  being perfect place for one to swim in .

Lake Kivu is the finest of all lakes found in Rwanda and that includes swimming in the Lake.  The temperatures at the lake is just perfect, and warm waters best for one to drive in and get refreshed. Some Hotels, guest houses, lodges and many more lodgings with clean swimming pools for you, nevertheless all you need is Lake Kivu near you to enjoy a refreshing swim.

Water Sports on the Lake such as Sailing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Boats cruise, fishing:

There are lots of water-sports to pander in on Lake Kivu; from walking to one of the exposable island to cruising across this beautiful lake are activities that are most pleasurable for most.

You can enjoy the cool breathe of the  waters here, by windsurfing ,kayaking, boat cruise or just go and sightsee the lake on a motor boat of one kind or another.

The lake is very popular in Rwanda and with past visitors  as a place for excellent water-sport at the lake that are always available.

One cannot overlook about fishing for some tilapia fish for your dinner or lunch  as your relaxing at the waters.

Hiking and Biking – around and near Lake Kivu:

Lake Kivu is the faultless place for 1/2 day – full day longer hikes, nature walks and bike rides.  This includes visiting the newly developed Nile-Congo Trail where you can hike or bike along for days or just make it a one day experience. You can as well carryout cultural tours on addition to this which can supplement your experience for all.

There are hills that you can hike around Lake Kivu and descent back down on a bike.  Inform us  in case you may need to have best times at lake kivu and  we make arrangements for you..

Rwanda is beyond gorilla tracking, here comes beautiful lake with warm fresh waters where you can relax and chill out for a few days but also participate in some inspiring activities that you will long recall after parting Rwanda behind.

From Crop to Cup – Coffee Tour-Lake Kivu:

The half day trip comprises of a boat ride on Lake Kivu to Nyamirundi Island where you l are able to view a huge coffee plantation and take part in the processing coffee seeds traditional to drinking coffee The washing of the beans is done at the Gashashi washing station you can see the coffee drying, roasted and grounding with you tasting the finished product.

Visit the various key coffee houses across the world including Starbucks that uses Rwandan Arabica Bean Coffee. Be free to get some and take it home and as you consume a cup of it back home you will  pleasingly recapped of your Rwanda Safari Experience.

From Crop to Cup – another Lake Kivu Experience – another thing to do and see at Lake Kivu


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