Best Time for Gorilla Tracking

The Best time for Gorilla tracking in Rwanda can be done all the year through. The best time to travel to Rwanda for gorilla tracking is during the dry season in the months of early march, June September and December. The best times is between December to march where Rwanda experiences a lot of dry season and it is always long with cool temperatures that stands at about 29 degrees Celsius whereas the months between march to mid may, July and September, Rwanda always experiences rainy season therefore tracking gorillas can be carried out though the weather may not be favoring since trekking involves hiking in the mountain ranges and within the tropical forest which may cause slippery and muddy environment .though with the help of the tracking gears such as hiking shoes, walking sticks and many more others can help you carry out the gorilla tracking therefore gorillas can be tracked at any time in Rwanda.

Generally Rwanda is one of the countries with descent weather throughout the year though the dry season is more desirable for gorilla tracking. The weather in Rwanda is normally very good when it comes to visiting Rwanda for any of the activity such as wildlife adventure, chimps trekking ,canopy walks, birding and many more others. For the case of tourists who would wish to come for gorilla tracking in Rwanda ,the best time is during the dry season where there  is less rain hence making it easy for one to hike ,climb and move long distances in forested mountain ranges. But still we advisable you to have your trekking gears with you and water proof clothing because the equatorial climate is unpredictable. This period is considered as peak season so you should expect an increase on prices on things such as accommodation, car hire and other few things.

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