Gorilla Trekking Permits

How to obtain Rwanda gorilla tracking permit.

Booking your Gorilla Permits for Rwanda in a timely manner to have your visit with the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

How and Where to get Gorilla Permits for Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Gorilla tracking In Rwanda is carried out at Volcanoes National Park (Parc Nationale Des Volcans) and Rwanda Tourism Office (ORTPN) manages bookings for gorilla tracking permit.

Every gorilla permit costs US$750 in Rwanda.80 gorilla tracking permits are available every day for gorilla trackers since there are 10 groups of habituated gorillas in Park National Volcanoes and each group is allowed 8 people .

Rwanda receives about 56 people daily who are interested in tracking gorillas meaning the demand is high and the competition is stiff, it is therefore advisable to book gorilla permit as early as possible with payment on basis of first come first serve.

When you tracking day comes, you must have you gorilla permit that has been fully paid in advance, if possible clear the payment at least 6 months  before for the case of high seasons (June, September December to February),and 1 to 2 months  in advance for the case of low seasons(October ,November, march and may).

In Rwanda Gorilla Permits can only be acquired from ORTPN, either straight or through a agent. Contact ORTPN for the current status of the availability of Gorilla permits.

Gorilla permits are reserved with disbursement on the basis of first come first served. Accessibility of gorilla permits for a mandatory date is not certain. Because of the stiff competition for the gorilla permits, this makes it difficult to obtain yourself one. Any postponement in confirmation and/or payment may mean that you will be incapable of getting the permit on your desired date.
When you make reservation for your permit and clear payment for it, there is no alteration of that specified date that is to say alteration of the tracking date means one has to pay a cancellation fee which is about USD 100 for every permit.

Booking a permit through ORTPN.

Reservation OF  Gorilla Permits straight through ORTPNT to  book your gorilla permit (from out of Rwanda) you first have to communicate to  ORTPN’s reservation office by email asking  about availability of the dates you plan to track  gorillas. If the particular dates you want are unattainable, you can appeal to ORTPN to let you know of the close dates.

When the close dates are sent, you reply by expressing your commitment to book those gorilla permits, and send them a request to hold the permits provisionally as you clear the payment. At this time, they will email you the bank details where you will make an electronic transfer of your money to pay for your permit. Kindly don’t forget to send us the transaction receipt or voucher after the transaction has been made.

Money transferred will take at least less than 3 days and ORTPN will keep in touch with you until the transfer made is fully confirmed. Do not forget to inform you bank about deducting the bank charges so that money sent is enough to obtain the permit.
Booking Gorilla Permits via a Tour and travel agent
The intending gorilla trekkers have however found the above process monotonous and have pursued our faster and less tiresome means of booking their gorilla permits by working with local Rwanda tour operator. The tour operators in Rwanda frequently charge a subscription between US$25-$60 for each gorilla permit. Wildlife safaris or gorillas will not charge you for buying gorilla permits if you are receiving other tour facilities (such as transfers and excursions) through them.
The procedure is almost similar as above, except that we tend to speed-up the process and most likely you will get you gorilla permit confirmation earlier.

Communicate to us and let us know of the days you need to visit Rwanda and the days you may want to receive your permit.

We will inform you if the desired dates you wished to come for your gorilla tour  are readily  open for gorilla tracking and hesitantly make your bookings ( but without any assurance).

We shall email you our bank particulars so that you can transact the money to buy your gorilla permit.

It takes approximately 16 hours for us to obtain the money from your bank and pay for your permits. We shall email you to let you know that we received the money and we have successfully obtained your gorilla permit.(scanned gorilla permit will be attached).  Kindly ensure you pay the bank charges when approving the transaction.

We do not charge any fee for gorilla permits procuring or reservation, if you are booking with us the whole trip or part of it  .In case of any extra cost , this will be for few expenses incurred  like telephony, transport, and a few costs we incur to get you the permit.

Email us your passport particular so that we may submit them to get the permit as soon as possible. Frequently, we only need the Full names, passport number, and nationality.

We record down your names and clear payments for your permit, upon receiving the permit; we shall immediately send you the mail to show that we have successfully obtained the permit with attached scanned copy of the permit in full names.

Upon receiving your gorilla permit, seeing the gorillas is not guaranteed however, you stand 98% chances of seeing the gorillas at that day when you will gorilla tracking.

Permit Availability
If you are planning to go Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda, the time to book for you safari and gorilla tracking permit is now.

Everybody who understand what tourism means more so gorilla tracking in Rwanda means, time has come for you to book your safari with us and we obtain you permit as first as possible to come have the best gorilla tracking experience or any other tour such as golden monkey tracking  chimpanzee tracking, and many more others. Book with us and you will live to remember about the safari you had with us.

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