Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe national park shelters an area over 1000 square kilometers, Nyungwe is confidently one of the world’s greatest attractive and untouched mountain rainforests. It’s alleged to be one of Africa’s oldest forests, remaining green even through the Ice Age, which clarifies its diversity.

It is a home to habituated chimpanzees and 12 other primates species (including a 400-strong crowd of habituated Ruwenzori Black & White Colobus), it’s also a birder’s heaven with over 300 species, counting 16 endemics, and is family to 75 different species of mammal.

This magnificent rainforest is occupied with nature and wildlife experiences for you to transpire yourself in. Hiking or even biking the good-looking landscape, trekking the well-known chimpanzees, experiencing the canopy walk, observing beautiful birds, comforting by waterfalls are just a indication of activities that Nyungwe offers.

Sounds and views collaborate to create a remarkable and a memorable wildlife adventure. Exploring through the forest, travellers will witness the lush green mountains and freezing steam in a background that will leave to remember.

The home of approximately 400 species of chimpanzees, Nyungwe is homespun to one of East Africa’s previous intact populations and boasts two wild chimp communities that welcome guests which are found around Uwinka and Cyandungo Therefore, it is not astonishing that chimpanzee tracking is a common activity in Nyungwe more especially when the park’s trees are in full flower during the summer) as well-trained guides frequently lead visitors through the park’s forests. And while truly watching chimpanzees is not certain, you’ll enjoy learning about these individuals and their natural habitats from your guides. But you’ll probably have to get up around four a.m. to succeed in this very thought-provoking activity as chimps are mostly likely to be seen early in the morning.  

Wildlife in Nyungwe Forest

Scattering over 1,020km², Nyungwe Forest National Park includes the biggest swathe of lingering montane forest in East or Central Africa. It consists of about 310 different bird species, hundreds of butterflies and orchids, together with 75 dissimilar types of mammals including 13 primates around a quarter of all Africa’s primates.

How to reach there. 

Nyungwe Forest National Park is a 4-5 hour drive from Kigali on good tarmacked road if sometimes twisting roads. There are some magnetisms on your way to Nyungwe such as  Nyanza King’s Palace and the National Museum if you wish to stopover and visit the places.

There is Uwinka Visitor Centre, within the Park, is well worth a visit, with data on the history of Nyungwe, its fauna and flora and local culture.

Activities in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Primate safaris in Nyungwe Forest

Nyungwe is an ideal endpoint for concubines of primates, with 13 different species living here, and most guests are interested in tracking these primates, the most common of which is chimpanzee trekking. Opening very early in the morning, chimps are tracked in groups of eight and as with the mountain gorillas, you will are allowed to spend 1 hour with them once they’ve been located. Findings aren’t as reliable or as clear as gorillas however, since they often remain in dense forest, but their attractive liveliness and human-like characteristics make the long day meaningful.

Trekking in search of grey-cheeked mangabey and Rwenzori colobus monkeys is also on offer in Nyungwe Forest; these are sometimes found in groups in the forest. And there’s no need to trek far to see L’Hoest’s monkeys which are viewed while standing along the roadsides

Forest hiking trails in Nyungwe

About 130 kilometers of climbing routes have been created in Nyungwe Forest National Park, permitting visitors to sightsee its inland and its enthralling territories. Walking in Nyungwe is exceptional, with trails long-lasting from one to eight hours. The gorgeously baptized Igishigishigi Trail is one of the shortest hikes yet includes East Africa’s uppermost canopy walk with remarkable sights across Nyungwe Forest, while the 6 hour Bigugu Trail leads you to the highest mountain in the Park at 2950m.

Bird watching in Nyungwe Forest

The birds in Nyungwe Forest National Park are enormous. Around 310 species exist in here, although as in supreme tropical forests, you’ll have to look hard for them. Massive hornbills, great blue turaco and red-breasted sparrow hawks are amongst the specials, of which 27 are endemic to this section of the Albertine Rift Valley. 

Where to stay. 

Accommodation for Nyungwe National Park is relatively narrow but luckily spans across a range of finances. There is Nyungwe Forest Lodge in the park which has luxury facilities including an immensity pool and gym, with virtuous sights overseeing the forest shade from a elevation to one side and a tea-plantation on the other. At the other end of the scale, the low-budget ORTPN Rest house (also known as Gisakura Guesthouse), is also situated on the edge of the forest, with nice looking confortable rooms that are well facilitated and good management staff

Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel.

At first look, Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel appears relatively smart, but on quicker review, it is a little messy. The furniture may be modern but it’s a mish-mash of design, and is fairly modestly made. Yet irrespective of the hotel’s inadequacies we thought the setting was great and it is undoubtedly comfortable enough, offering decent significance.

The hotel is made of 12 cottages all well equipped with all the facilities, indeed, the slight untidiness and the abnormal mix of styles is rather charming. In addition, the staffs try surely hard and we’d presume the welcoming atmosphere and friendly service to add immensely to the overall experience.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge

The lodge is made up of 24 luxury rooms whose facilities without doubt, it is one of the best lodgings in Rwanda. The rooms are well planned and tailored out with all the mod-cons you may find in a hotel in a big city and regardless of its size Nyungwe aims at maintaining the lodge in a good shape, a ‘lodge feel’. The guided activities offered are varied and the mix of unique flora and fauna the National Park has to offer makes for some fanciful experiences. The difference between the rain forest on one side and a tea plantation on the other also gives this lodge a little extra beautiful view.

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